Thursday, October 20, 2011

Almost everyone seems to be high on something

There's an epidemic of one kind or another going on in these United States of America and not the least of  these is an insatiable appetite for one drug or another, this is not some new happening in this Republic, people from almost every corner has been confronted with this epidemic, and it is an "Epidemic". The president of Mexico,  Felipe Hinojosa, commenting of the trouble he's experiencing in his country with the cartels such as the  Zetas and other criminal elements in direct or indirect relation to the use of illicit drugs in these United States, if the Americans didn't have or a willingness to use such a large quantity of drugs, there would not be such chaos in his country (paraphrased). There are so-called wars on Drugs, Poverty and Terror  in this country and from the looks of things, I'll say we have been losing all of them. Although many a persons use marijuana and some see it helpful in their day to day livelihood, we should not come under a cloud of illusion that it is not a drug, and though  the use of it does not seem to be as detrimental to the user as some of the other myriad of drugs, it is worth reminding ourselves that there are many of the populace that are addicted to it. The drug of choice for many is the one in which the government sanctions, Alcohol, of course I suppose some would not call  it (alcohol) a drug but the definition of a drug is among others, A narcotic, esp. one that is addictive. Surely, I do not need to expound on the many lives that are ruined as a direct or indirect use of alcohol. The organization, National Association for the Advancement of Colored  People (NAACP) recently passed a historic resolution demanding an end to "War on Drugs". There truly seems to be a  misunderstanding or maybe just plain "out of control" behaviors of many that  are using or abusing any number of drugs at their grasp. The latest results from the National Vital Statistics System (NVSS)  (2009), reported there were 63,846 deaths attributed to the use of drugs that had been approved by the Federal Drugs Administration (FDA). The widely use of drugs for all kind of reasoning would explain perhaps why there are so many people that aren't able to manage any  resemblance of a normal life and perhaps, is also the reason the penal system is overflowing with new guests.

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